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BioSystems Technology

Efficient, Ethical and consistent

BioSystems Technology Ltd provides low cost, high-throughput, ethical solutions
for researchers who require alternatives to animal testing.

What are alternative research models?

Alternative research models are non-mammalian systems that address scientific needs, while minimising the regulatory burden and ethical issues associated with the use of experimental mammals. Our alternatives are cheaper, capable of increasing statistical power and results can be obtained more quickly.

TruLarv Galleria mellonella

Standardised Galleria mellonella larvae called TruLarv™ are considered a non-animal technology (NAT) in the context of UK and EU animal use regulations (ASPA) where procedures on this species are not regulated. Use of TruLarv™ as a model host is considered to reflect aspects of complexity present in an entire animal and are accepted as an ethical alternative to higher animals for research. Insect models are increasingly being used in a broad range of scientific applications with the added advantage of being relatively inexpensive. Larvae of the wax moth Galleria mellonella possess an innate immune system that is structurally and functionally similar to that of mammals, comprising cellular and humoral responses, and has been validated as a screening model for in vivo evaluation of pathogenicity, efficacy and pharmacokinetics for novel antimicrobials.

About BioSystems Technology

BioSystems Technology was founded in 2015 by an infectious disease research fellow and a Professor of Molecular Pathogenicity based at the University of Exeter.

Aware of the requirement for alternative research models for R&D, the founders commercialised their academic research to develop products able to address scientific need whilst minimising the regulatory burden, efficiency and ethical issues concerning the use of mammals. BioSystems Technology is at the forefront of development of alternative research models and is a world leader in the production of standardised insect larvae for research.

TruLarv™ are used for microbiological research into fungal and bacterial pathogens, drug discovery and toxicity testing. BioSystems Technology revolutionized the market for in vivo research models by:

  • Increasing the efficiency and scale of in vivo studies
  • Optimising researchers results by development of standardised models
  • Reducing reliance on vertebrate animal models, in some cases by up to 80%. Our scientific and technological innovation remains strong as we continue to develop and validate new assays and develop transgenic TruLarv™. BSTs alternative in vivo models are used in Research Organisations throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.