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Voxcan is a privately owned French Contract Research Organization offering to international pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies efficacy and biodistribution preclinical studies in a Bio-Security Level 1 to 3 environment.

The company is acting in the three main fields

  • oncology (including immunotherapy),
  • osteo-articular pathologies and
  • infectious diseases (bacteria and virus)

Its specificity compared to its competitors is the intensive use of medical imaging to generate relevant biological readouts.

Several models have been developed

In the domain of infectious diseases, several models have been developed, characterized and routinely used ranging from a very simple subcutaneous infection model with or without implant, to a CVC S. aureus infectious model for biofilm studies and passing through an OAI infection model in the mouse or a H1N1 2009pdm pulmonary infection model in mouse and ferret.

Thanks to the use of high technology approaches, Voxcan is able to support and accelerate its client drug developments at the preclinical phase in an ethical way.

Obtaining in vivo information and analysis on relevant and well characterized animal models, from mouse to rabbit models, provide the customer with an optimal quantification of the biological parameters and a considerable financial profit, reducing the number of animals and time needed. Voxcan is located in the vicinity of Lyon, France. 

The know-how of Voxcan acquired during more than 12 years in both animal models and imaging techniques used in preclinical studies made Voxcan the ideal partner for the IMPACT2 project.