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P. aeruginosa lung infection model bioluminescent strain BV1092

in vitro

  • Engineering and use of the same drug resistant clinical P. aeruginosa strain for in vitro and in vivo applications
  • Bacteria with stable genomic bioluminescence label
  • Well characterized P. aeruginosa isolate to enable drug candidate screening in different models

High throughput in vivo model

  • Galleria mellonella infection model
  • Bioluminescence used for real time analysis to better understand bacterial infections
  • Melanisation analysis to score larvae health
  • Allows fast and cost-efficient pre-screening of drug candidates
  • Model validation with Tobramycin

in vivo Pneumonia model

  • P. aeruginosa pneumoniae lung model in neutropenic mice
  • Bioluminescence allows a real time analysis of bacterial load
  • Model validation with tobramycin

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